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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


"Air-bridge" of knowledge for the expatriates of Latin America

"Air-bridge" of knowledge for the expatriates of Latin America

442 books for learning the Greek language began their journey to reach Greek expatriates who live in South America

More specifically, for the first time the Greek state is sending educational content to the Greek Communities of Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, while it is worth noting that the sending of educational books was one of the main requests made by the expatriates and seeking its solution.

The procedures were quickly overcome with the care of the Prime Minister's Office under Grigoris Dimitriadis, while the Prime Minister's Advisor for Latin American Affairs, Iason Pipinis, took on an important role in coordination and supervision. The Deputy Minister of Education and Religions, Sofia Zacharaki, shouldered the signing of the decision for the sending of the books while the baton was taken by the Publications Department of the Institute of Computer Technology & Publications (ITYE) - Diofantos, which took care of their immediate disposal.

Then the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible for Hellenes Abroad, Konstantinos Vlassis and the Secretary General of Public Diplomacy, Giannis Chrysoulakis, took care of the immediate dispatch of the books and the successful completion of the project accompanied by wishes from the Prime Minister's Office, who stressed that every Greek heart where land should not forget that the thoughts of the homeland and the Greek state and that the latter must constantly demonstrate its practical interest in responding to the demands of expatriates, something that this government will try - like the example of the books - to do all the time.

Source: www.iefimerida.gr


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